Colorado Association of REALTORS | The Colorado housing market keeps going up, up and up! 
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The Colorado housing market keeps going up, up and up! 

Jan 19 2018

The Colorado housing market keeps going up, up and up! 

As the housing market continues to climb so do the prices.  Longmont and Boulder are witnessing this rise in the market and with it the median sales price.  Kelly Moye a Colorado Spokesperson had this to say about 2017, “It was an unbelievable year,”.  Indeed it was.  For single-family homes the median sales price increased 11% in Longmont and 1.2% in Boulder.  Boulder saw less of an extreme increase, but the price comparison between the two cities is very different.


“Boulder is historically incredibly popular and in high demand,” she said. “So it appears the affordability issue is starting to kick in.”  For 2017, the ending median sales price for Longmont was $405,000 and $855,000 for Boulder.  A huge difference in price!  Many residents are concerned on whether Longmont will soon see their median sales price mirroring Boulder with how fast the median sales price is increasing.  However, residents should not be concerned as it is unlikely Longmont will ever reach Boulder’s prices.  Many factors attribute to this, “With Boulder, the strict limitations on building and expansion will keep prices really high,” says Kelly Moye.


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