Colorado Association of REALTORS | CAR’s Strategic Framework
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CAR’s Strategic Framework

Ends Statements


  1. Members are aware of and have access to unique professional development opportunities and essential business services when and how they prefer.
  2. Members are knowledgeable of industry and market trends, enabling them to provide trusted real estate guidance to clients.



  1. Public policy, regulations and executive actions are favorable to the real estate
  2. REALTORS® distinguish themselves in the eyes of consumers by operating according to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.
  3. REALTORS® are respected as leaders in shaping their communities.
  4. REALTORS® better understand the power of collective influence and are more engaged in industry and community-based initiatives and calls to action.



  1. Diverse real estate groups and other industry partners work with CAR in a spirit of trust and collaboration to advance common goals.
  2. Managing brokers value the REALTOR® brand and partner with CAR to enhance member knowledge, professionalism and industry engagement.
  3. CAR leaders and volunteers reflect the diversity of the membership and ensure that all voices can be heard.



  1. Local associations and CAR work cohesively and in a complementary way to serve the members and represent the industry with one voice.
  2. Local associations welcome CAR support to become stronger and more efficient in serving their members and their communities.



  1. CAR has a deep bench of committed, qualified and diverse leaders to take on meaningful roles and further the mission of the Association.
  2. CAR governance structure and operations are efficient and transparent.
  3. CAR has the human and financial capacity to achieve its mission, goals and priorities.

External Values

Right to Housing. We believe that every individual should have access to safe, decent, attainable housing.


Collective Impact. We believe that our power to effect positive change for the industry and consumers is amplified when diverse industry organizations collaborate and speak with one voice.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. We believe that it is important to hear and embrace all perspectives —  regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, national origin, socioeconomic status, political affiliation or any other qualities by which we may define ourselves.


Standard of Practice. We believe that the REALTOR® designation reflects the highest standards of ethics and professionalism in the practice of real estate and a lifelong commitment to the pursuit of knowledge and professional development.


Community. We believe that a thriving real estate market is critical to the health and vitality of our communities.


Property Ownership. We believe that individuals, families and communities benefit significantly from property ownership and support programs that allow the broadest ownership opportunities for all.

Internal Values

Transparency.  We believe members deserve open, honest communication, clarity in how decisions are made and accountability in how their resources are managed.


Integrity. As leaders, we believe it is our obligation to honor the trust members have placed in us by doing our utmost to represent their interests and support their success.


Adaptability. We believe that to maintain relevance and best serve our members we must be proactive in anticipating their needs, and innovative and flexible in delivery of services.


Fairness and Equity. We make no distinction in who you are or where in Colorado you are from. We believe each member and each local association deserves the same level of attention, support and equal access to CAR services.


Partnership. We believe that the industry and our members are best served when local, state and national associations work collaboratively to support each other’s success and to deliver service seamlessly to members.


Members First. We believe the Association exists to serve the members and measure everything we do based on the degree it will drive member success.


Respecting Our Differences. We seek and respect differences in opinions, experience and backgrounds because we know it will result in better solutions and decisions.

CAR Strategic Plan: 2020-2023

[** indicates priority issues priority 2023 Ends]

KEY RESULT AREA: Value to Members


Strategic Issue: Business and Professional Development


2023 Ends

  1. **CAR has a clear understanding of member and local board challenges and needs as they change and is providing relevant information, education, business tools/services and support.
  2. CAR actively monitors changing industry trends and business models and assists members with tools to make sound business decisions.


Strategic Issue: Service Delivery


2023 Ends

  1. **CAR works with local boards to seamlessly deliver service to members through mechanisms that provide the greatest access, including in small, rural areas.


Strategic Issue: Professional Standards


2023 Ends

  1. CAR provides information and education to members across the State that clarifies standards and best practice in real estate.



KEY RESULT AREA: Outreach and Influence


Strategic Issue: **Advocacy and Influence


2023 Ends

  1. **The Governor’s office, legislators and policymakers continue to reach out to CAR as the source of industry information, expertise and perspective.
  2. The majority of CAR members contribute to RPAC and understand the importance and power of collective influence.
  3. **Members and policymakers understand how ballot measures and issues impact the property rights of Coloradans.
  4. Candidate Interview teams make informed decisions as a result of effective training and a diverse team profile.


Strategic Issue: **Community Outreach/Public Relations


2023 Ends

  1. **The public understands the benefit of working with a REALTOR® and is more knowledgeable about the financial benefits and considerations of property ownership.
  2. Through strategic partnerships with municipalities and housing authorities, CAR helps communities repurpose commercial spaces and distressed properties to increase inventory and open doors to attainable housing.
  3. Members are aware of the positive impact of the CAR Foundation and have increased contributions and support.
  4. The media recognizes CAR as an accurate and reliable voice of real estate, and its members as leaders and real estate experts in their local communities.


KEY RESULT AREA: Communication AND Member/Industry Engagement


Strategic Issue: Industry Relations


2023 Ends

  1. **CAR’s efforts to cultivate relationships with industry groups, the business community, strategic partners and its local associations have increased its effectiveness as the respected, collective voice of real estate.


Strategic Issue: **Diversity and Inclusion


2023 Ends

  1. **CAR recognizes the importance of ensuring that all voices within the industry are heard and has increased its focus on diversity, equity and inclusion, including ethnic/cultural, industry discipline and geographic industry segments.


Strategic Issue: Communication


2023 Ends

  1. **In order to be the source of timely, accurate information, CAR makes a concerted effort to understand the different perspectives and needs of its audiences and targets communication through preferred platforms and channels.



KEY RESULT AREA: Local Board Relations


Strategic Issue: **Local Association (Board) Relations


2023 Ends

  1. CAR is visible, accessible and of high perceived value to local boards.
  2. **All local associations are represented and engaged at the State level, contributing a relevant and respected voice in State Association governance and decision-making.
  3. Local Association Executives feel valued and supported by CAR.
  4. CAR helps develop local leaders, enhancing their skills for continued service in their business, community and in organized real estate.


KEY RESULT AREA: CAR Governance and Operations


Strategic Issue: Association Sustainability


2023 Ends

  1. CAR increases non-dues revenue to a minimum of 25 percent of total revenue to mitigate potential changes in membership numbers.
  2. CAR retains, develops and recruits a high performing staff who can maximize CAR resources, provide excellent service to members and local boards, and meet the changing needs of the Association and its membership.
  3. CAR maintains up-to-date governance documents, systems and plans to ensure it is relevant, efficient and essential in meeting the changing needs of the industry and the membership.


Strategic Issue: **Volunteer/Leadership Development


2023 Ends

  1. CAR members understand the personal and professional value of volunteering at the State level and are well trained and oriented to succeed in their roles.
  2. CAR regularly audits and adjusts the volunteer leadership structure to ensure the most efficient and effective use of member talent.
Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the collective voice for real estate and consumer property rights, and to advance Colorado REALTORS® as industry leaders in knowledge, ethics and professionalism.

CAR Vision Statement

The Colorado Association of REALTORS® advances opportunities for property ownership for all Coloradans and positions REALTORS® as trusted real estate advisors and community advocates.