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Community and Member Notice from Colorado Association of REALTORS®

Jan 17 2024

Community and Member Notice from Colorado Association of REALTORS®

With a growing number of AI voice cloning scams occurring across the country, we have learned that one of our own Colorado REALTOR® members recently fell victim to identity theft scammers who used his personal information to create a series of harassing robocalls that were fraudulently attributed to his phone number.  We urge our members and the entire community to remain vigilant against such sophisticated scams and this disturbing, fraudulent trend that is on the rise.

 Help Stay Secure Through Awareness and Actions:

  • Intercept Suspicious Calls: Be cautious of robocalls that pressure you to act immediately, particularly from unknown numbers.
  • Confirm Identities: If you receive a robocall or suspicious call claiming to be someone you know, hang up. Contact that person directly using a number you trust to verify the call.
  • Limit Public Information: Consider the personal information you share online. Scammers can use this to tailor attacks like robocalls.
  • Report and Block: If you receive a robocall that seems like a scam, report it to the authorities. You can also block the number to prevent future calls.
  • These robocalls can be highly convincing and disruptive. We urge all members to read about these threats on Fox Business’s report: to understand better and prepare against potential scams. Your vigilance is crucial. We can protect our personal information and community by staying informed and cautious. 

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