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Good Deeds, Bad Deeds and Colorado Property Deeds

### One of the more significant changes coming to the Colorado Commission Approved Contract to Buy and Sell (“CBS”) in January 2019, relates to Paragraph 13 (“Transfer of Title”) of the form.  For many years, Paragraph 13 of the CBS has included a ___________ (blank) prior to describing the type of deed that seller would deliver to the buyer at Closing. ...

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Buying? Renting? Have you checked for lead plumbing?

Sellers and landlords may not know about lead in the pipes.   There is no lead in the water that Denver Water delivers to homes and businesses. But it can enter the drinking water as the water passes through older customer service lines, which connect the house to Denver Water’s distribution pipes in the street, or lead plumbing inside the home.   Denver Water...

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“Did the Seller Receive My Buyer’s Offer?” by Scott Peterson, CAR’s Legal Counsel

I love talking about “Hot Market Problems.”  Market velocity generally means good business for REALTORS® and good job security for the industries and individuals who support REALTORS® (including us annoying real estate lawyers)!  Hot markets can be exhausting for all participants, but it is certainly better than the alternative.  High velocity also presents unique frustrations and challenges for buyers and...