Colorado Association of REALTORS | Your Family is Your Secret Weapon ​​​​to More Tax Deductions
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Your Family is Your Secret Weapon ​​​​to More Tax Deductions

Jul 16 2019

Your Family is Your Secret Weapon ​​​​to More Tax Deductions

You probably noticed some big changes on your tax return this year thanks to the new tax laws that went into effect for 2018…

It was especially noticeable if you have dependents that you claim on your return. But did you know there are…

10+ unique ways the wealthy families in this country use their families to “qualify” for deductions that often go unused by the middle class?

They go unused, not because the middle class can’t qualify… It’s that they don’t take the time to pro-actively take steps to qualify themselves.

So, we thought it might be helpful to put together a quick training webinar to show you how to leverage your spouse, your kids, and even grandparents to lower your taxes come April 15th.

Join us for this FREE Webinar!

Date: Wednesday, July 31, 2019 at 12:00pm MST


The thing is… If you are going to use these strategies, you need to start NOW. If you wait until later this year, it’ll be too late.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why you should hire your spouse – even just part time at minimum wage – in your business
  • How to use your marriage certificate to qualify to write off 100% of all your medical expenses (including your deductible AND procedures that aren’t covered by insurance like braces, acupuncture, and more!)
  • The blueprint you can follow when booking your vacations to make them a 100% tax write off!
  • Why, switching cars with your spouse – even just a few times during the year – can trigger a powerful, but relatively unknown vehicle deduction that could save you thousands on your taxes!
  • Forget college savings plans – learn how the wealthy pay for college, weddings, and expensive hobbies through their company – and deducting the entire expense.
  • Why you should consider “giving” your office equipment, cars, and even furniture to your kids or your spouse!
  • How to deduct the cost of your equipment twice! (You read that right… deduct it two times – thanks to a strange provision in the tax code)
  • How to double down on your retirement savings using a “family employee” loophole!
  • How to get a 40% discount on life insurance for all your family members… even if they have pre-existing conditions that prevent them from getting insurance.This is one of my favorite lessons to teach… Because if you do it right, it can save you hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in taxes over the course of 20 years. Not only that… but – if done right – these strategies can also deepen and strengthen your relationships with your kids or your parents! And as a side benefit it teaches your family to be more responsible and creative with money.

When you attend the live webinar Taxbot will send you a digital copy of “Crack the Code”

This eBook will help you to understand how the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” impacts your individual tax return.

About Taxbot

Taxbot is an app that helps automate mileage and expense tracking for self-employed people. And it does it according to IRS rules so you can rest easy that you could win in an audit.


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