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Real Estate Development in Colorado

Have you seen the Consumer Resources page on the CAR website?   In this section you will find information about finances, foreclosures, home maintenance, legal, and answers to common questions about real estate in Colorado. Click here for information on buying a home and here for selling.   Search for new residential and commercial development throughout Colorado in the “Real Estate Development” section. You have the ability to...

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Lead-Based Paint Contract Change for 2019

By: Scott Peterson   Hold on to your hats, Colorado REALTORS®, a major structural shift to the lead-based paint clause is going into effect on January 1, 2019!  This change will apply to the new version of the Colorado Real Estate Commission approved Contract to Buy and Sell (“CREC Contract”) and has me as happy as a dog in a sunroof!   For many...

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“Did the Seller Receive My Buyer’s Offer?” by Scott Peterson, CAR’s Legal Counsel

I love talking about “Hot Market Problems.”  Market velocity generally means good business for REALTORS® and good job security for the industries and individuals who support REALTORS® (including us annoying real estate lawyers)!  Hot markets can be exhausting for all participants, but it is certainly better than the alternative.  High velocity also presents unique frustrations and challenges for buyers and...

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Your Friendly Neighborhood Regulator

Your Friendly Neighborhood Regulator   [caption id="attachment_22650" align="alignnone" width="245"] Scott Petersen, General Counsel, Colorado Association of REALTORS®[/caption]   In addition to fantastic looks and winning personalities, REALTORS® can always be counted on for a rapid fire string of acronyms. NAR, CAR, GRI, CCIM, CMA, FSBO, CRS, e-PRO, RELO, ABR, CNS, CPM, CBR, REO, LTV… Ok, I’ll stop.  At this point, most of you are...

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Citing Housing Shortage, Builders Push for Friendlier Laws

Citing Housing Shortage, Builders Push for Friendlier Laws   The real-estate industry argues laws making it easier for homeowner associations to sue over alleged shoddy construction drive up insurance costs and builders’ expenses   Construction at the Regional Transportation District’s Westminster Station in Metro Detroit in early July 2016. While home prices have risen at a double-digit rate for three years, the head of...

Legalize It – Real Estate and Pot in Colorado

(This is the second part of a two-part series on Colorado’s unique marijuana laws and their impact on real estate, property rights and the business of REALTORS®. In the November issue, I covered the uncertain status of Colorado’s state marijuana laws in relation to federal drug law and the implications on property ownership. In Part Two below, I will address...