Colorado Association of REALTORS | 18 Pinterest Board Ideas for Real Estate
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18 Pinterest Board Ideas for Real Estate

18 Pinterest Board Ideas for Real Estate

Article by Marci James, presenter at the 2013 CAR Convention, October 13-15.

Real Estate Professionals have a very geographic based market. So in order to attract the correct audience, you need to create boards that provide amazing photos and quality content about your geographic niche. But you also need to include boards that reflect you personally. Allowing followers a peek into what motivates and inspires you personally, will create feelings of trust. And the best part is that these types of boards are addictive and fun to create!

The first thing to do is create boards that will attract your geographic sphere. Remember to use your geographic keyword in the title of the board. For example, name the board “Denver has Awesome Parks”, not “My Favorite Parks”:

  1. Attractions – This could even be broken down into several boards – Parks, Lakes, Museums, etc.
  2. History – this may require a lot of “Google-ing”, or maybe even scanning in photos from the library, but find old historic photos of your niche. You could even create a series of blog posts around photos you scan in from the library archives. Then pin the blog posts for a little SEO love.
  3. Best Restaurants – Pretty simple – most have websites and make pinning easy.
  4. Gorgeous scenery – Maybe even a board for every season – Denver in the spring, Denver in the fall, etc.
  5. Neighborhoods – I suggest you create a blog post for each neighborhood within your niche, and add an amazing photo. Then pin the posts!
  6. Sports Teams – create a board for your favorite professional or college sport team.

Now you need to create boards that homeowners, or people dreaming of owning a home, will enjoy. And these can be fun and enjoyable to create and nurture. Choose the topics that interest you most:

  1. Your Dream Homes
  2. Home Decor or Decorating Ideas.
  3. Lawn and Garden
  4. Home Owner Tips
  5. Cool Architecture
  6. Home Organization/Cleaning

And last by certainly NOT least, you need to create some personal boards. The sky’s the limit here!

  1. Fitness – or any hobby/sport you enjoy. Keyword being ENJOY.
  2. Vacation Destinations – or even Vacations You Loved
  3. Recipes – one of the hottest topics on Pinterest.
  4. Fashion – another hot topic on Pinterest. Create a board just for shoes!
  5. Celebrations – Boards for specific holidays and or celebration, like 4th of July, Graduation Party, etc.
  6. Humor – Everyone loves to laugh. Create a board for things that make YOU laugh.

I hope that you will have fun using Pinterest. Even if you post ONLY personal boards, and connect with Facebook and Twitter friends, you’re getting branding exposure and recognition while you’re having fun. If you’d like to learn even more about using Pinterest, please join my session…


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Marci James

Director of Marketing at Obeo

Thornton, CO, US


Marci James is the Director of Marketing and Social Media for Obeo. For over 15 years, Marci’s passion has been learning new technologies and sharing them with agents that sincerely want to improve their business. She is an expert in all areas of Social Media, SEO, and Marketing. Marci provides Social Media training to real estate professionals across North America. She speaks on topics that range from Facebook and Pinterest to Apps and SEO. Marci also manages an award winning Facebook Business Page that was recently voted as one of the Top 10 Small Business Facebook Pages by Social Media Examiner, beating out over 1400 nominated pages!







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